Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Up and Running!

Wow! What a past few days!!

It all started on Friday...We got the initial stages of the tent set up--got the tables and a few other items placed. Then we had an issue with the electrical supply--namely--how to get it to the tent! By 10:30 Friday night we had a plan and half the supplies. We also had some high quality help from Dennis Blair and Gary Rinehart. On Saturday, we all worked the hottest wedding in the history of Tennessee at Bicentennial Mall. It was 95 degrees in the little bit of shade and about 110 on the stone area inside the carillon bells. We had 2 workers (my mom and Kaitlyn Rinehart) get sick from the heat and they had 3 guests fall out (2 during the ceremony!). After it was all over, we all agreed that it was the easiest money we had ever made (jk). During the wedding I had a showing at my place, a showing at my Murfreesboro listing, a showing at my Cane Ridge listing, and another showing at my house scheduled. Then the folks that looked in Murfreesboro scheduled a second showing!

Sunday morning started out with a bang--I received an offer on the Murfreesboro house and had to get my fireworks start order at basically the same time. I got some serious help from my dad and made it happen. We countered the offer and they accepted. Now we are tying up loose ends on the paperwork but it is a bound deal. Dad and I got all the fireworks and took them to the tent. We had a surprise visit by Mr. Joe Sartino. He stuck around for several hours. If you don't know Joe, you are missing out. Quality guy. Sunday evening was ridiculously hot and it was my turn to spend the night. It NEVER got quiet! By 3 AM, I was shivering. Lesson learned, it still gets cold at night--also, bring a pillow!

Monday--I woke up and continued working on the tent. After Tracey got here, I went to the office and got everything turned in for the Murfreesboro offer. We got everything set up and looking good (still working on it a little). At about 5 PM we had our first rush. It was pretty cool. Aside from that, we have some other good stuff brewing. Hopefully I will have an elated post in the next few days.

This has been an interesting experience so far. I have learned a few things for sure--I sometimes overextend myself to the detriment of my family--I missed the better part of Father's Day. I can also be a jerk when I get stressed. I need to remember that just because they will still love me, I don't need to be a jerk to my family. I also have learned that I love to work. I get the most energy from being in productive motion and doing things. I don't like to be stationary. Finally, I have learned that I have a lot of REALLY good, giving, caring people that I call friends and family. And, finally, my wife is freakin awesome and loves me very much, even when I neglect her.

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