Friday, June 25, 2010

The Heat Goes On...

Well, it is HOTTTT. How is that for a captain obvious statement! This has been quite a week! In less than 6 days I sold two of my listings and will probably write an offer on another home. I also have an investment offer out right now for the bank to look at. All the while, I am sweating my (fill in body part here) off in this tent. I've lost 7.5 pounds since Friday of last week. And I have been hydrating. I just don't want to eat a whole bunch.

Funny Stories from the Tent:
Tracy said that the other night was the night of drunks (a Tuesday of all nights). We had one guy drive his pick up in the dirt behind the tent. She said one guy's breath was so strong she caught a buzz just by talking to him. Said I missed all that.

Today it rained for about 3.5 minutes. Just long enough for me to run around and drop the sides and get soaked. As soon as I was finished with the sides, the sun came out and the humidity went to about 7458920747089%. I then promptly rolled the sides back up and got even wetter because of the sweat and the water that had collected in the vinyl. Joy

We have a groupie! This one little kid has been in here 3 times in the past 2 days. He always buys a little something. Today while the kid was shopping, I took Jonas out to meet his mom. I told her, "I've gotten to know your son, here's mine." She thought that was funny. Turns out, she knows my mom and dad. Go figure.

Real Estate Success--so I figured out the key to kickstarting your real estate business--open a fireworks tent! I have the possibility of making 4 sales in the 2 weeks I have the fireworks tent. I've already made 2 and have one submitted, just waiting on the bank. I will probably have one more in the next few days. Thankfully Tracy has been helping so much at the tent.

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I am so proud of you!

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