Friday, April 23, 2010


Well, it has been a tumultuous past few weeks and I have neglected my blogging desires. Here is the low down, we finally got Sam and Candace's house closed. The Wednesday after my previous blog, we signed everything and the buyer signed everything. Then BofA would not send the wire because the numbers they had in their system did not match our HUD (that THEY approved!!!!). They said it was a glitch in their system and they got it worked out. By Friday, we had it closed. Halla freaking lu yah!!! So then, a little less than a week after the new family moved in, guess what--they got broken into!!!! Two guys kicked in the back door (hard enough that it broke the door and frame out of the hole) and demolished the inside--holes in wall, tears in vinyl floor, broken dishes, etc. What a nightmare for those folks!

In the meantime, I also closed for a buyer in between Smyrna and Murfreesboro, am nearing the closing for a short sale for a first time buyer and picked up a SUWEET listing in between Smyrna and Nolensville. I have had 3 open houses in two weeks and have another one this Sunday (in the SUWEET listing). If you want to check out the SUWEETNESS come to 7182 Lee Road in Smyrna on Sunday from 2-4. I have also busied myself with other eclectic ventures. I have hauled off over 30,000 pounds of scrap metal and aluminum in the past 3 weeks (including a combine that Jonas calls Frank) and secured a location for a fireworks tent for this summer (Almaville Road by the Interstate). I upped my handy husband status several times with a few landscaping projects, a newly installed garbage disposal and a cool tent for Jonas. I have been helping Jo with her catering business and have been working with the college kids at church. All this and I still find time to watch Dr. Phil and eat bon-bons (whatever those are).

Well, I just wanted to post a little. I am going to go and help Jo put together the Cat in the Hat cake.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The incompetence continues

This is a follow up to the previous blog. Well, where to begin. So we go to closing on Friday and my clients (the sellers) sign their documents. Everything is rosy and then the buyer says he won't sign because BofA got the mortgage insurance wrong. First, we didn't believe him, then, sure enough, they did--and they admitted it! They were trying to charge him mortgage insurance monthly AND annually! The crazy part is, he had corrected them on this 3 TIMES in the past two weeks and they sent it through wrong anyway!!!!!!

Fast forward to Wednesday (yesterday). We get the package again and all the numbers have been changed but appear to be correct. Jenny (the closer) prepares the HUD 1 and sends it for approval. The person at BofA says it is wrong. Jenny asks why. They have a different loan amount in their system than what is on the HUD. It is off by over $4,000!! So Jenny talks to the lady and she says that if Jenny does these few steps, everything will be fine. Jenny does that and the HUD is done. Everyone signs the stuff and the people move in. This morning rolls around and guess what, there is no money in the wire. Jenny calls and BofA says you have to send in the signed HUD first. So she sends it and they are not going to release funds because the number on the HUD and the number in their system does not match!!!! Of course the lady Jenny talked to is off today. Jenny and a new lady go rounds and the buyer calls and goes rounds. Then BofA admits they are wrong. It is a "glitch" in their system. In the meantime, we don't have the money. It is after time for them to send wire transfers. Right now we are at the mercy of BofA to send the wire by noon tomorrow. If they don't we have to re-do EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!

How does a place this freakin incompetent stay afloat? I have heard people say will they are overwhelmed or they have a bunch of new people or they are just too big. If any of that is true, then they need to do the right thing and turn down business. They need to acknowledge the fact that they suck and only handle the business they are capable of handling properly. In the meantime, they are screwing up lives. I know that sounds overly dramatic but you know what, your home is a SIGNIFICANT part of your life. For the vast majority of folks it is the LARGEST investment they have and will ever have. I know now that I am going to shy away from clients that finance with BofA. I will highly encourage them to go somewhere that still believes in delivering what they say they will. Somewhere where I can get the same person on the phone and can go look them in the eye if I need to. Too big to fail? How about too big to care, too big to function properly, too big to serve individual people anymore. You have lost your soul BofA.