Saturday, April 30, 2011

Professional Courtesy Part 2

So the last time I vented about providing feedback. This time I am venting about something that is a little more obvious of a courtesy. Here in the last couple of weeks I have had 4 "no shows" for showings that were scheduled. The other realtor took the time to schedule the appointment and then just plain didn't show up, didn't call to cancel, nothing. This strikes me as pretty rude. All of my listings are occupied which means that the owners (sellers), potentially, had to clean up, get the family out and find somewhere to go for an hour. Some of them are at work when the showing is scheduled so they use their lunch break to come home and make sure the home is clean. Then the realtor does not show or call. A couple of the no shows even provided feedback (miraculously since they didn't see the house!). I understand if an emergency comes up while on the road. On one of the showings, the feedback said "we did not show because we had an offer accepted the day before". Are you kidding? You knew a day in advance that you weren't going to show up? That's just plain rude.

I am not perfect, but I am professional. I view showings as appointments. I don't know what each seller's situation is but I know that sometimes its a big deal to get ready for a showing. You wouldn't just not show up for a doctor's visit or some other appointment. Why would you do that to someone that prepared their home for you to visit.

Thanks for reading my vent.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ok, so I am not always reliable...

I haven't written a blog in a while. I have a ton of excuses but none of them are really good. I need to do it. It is somewhat therapeutic. Real estate is going well. I have had 5 closings already this year. I have another one at the end of this month and a possible one in early May (pray for that one). I have 7 listings right now which may not sound like a lot, but believe me, it is for a single person with no assistant!! We are expecting our second (and last) child, the house remodel is going well--kitchen almost done. Jonas is so freakin smart it is scary. College ministry is changing form a little and apparently, I am the guy that is sort of leading that. I am excited and reluctant at the same time. I know that might sound weird but I bet some of you can relate. I am reluctant to have anything else that takes up my time (even though I am already fairly involved) but excited because I can impact some really cool kids even more than I already was.

As for the nugget of wisdom, I don't have much to impart today. I will drone a little about time. Here lately, I have complained about not having much time. The funny thing is, the days have not changed away from a 24 hour period. I still have the same amount of time. I just don't always choose to maximize it. I am starting to see that a lot of my "lack of time" is because I don't prioritize for myself. I let others dictate my time. Now, in this industry, this is sometimes necessary. I have to be flexible and allow for people to take my time. I also can control HOW MUCH they control. 99% of people are understanding if I don't answer the phone at 8 PM because I am giving my son a bath. If they aren't understanding, I probably need to question how important it is to maintain that relationship! I was always one of those, yeah right, easier said than done when it came to this philosophy. I am now starting to see the absolute importance of it. Some folks take it to extremes. I just need to acknowledge it.