Thursday, December 19, 2013

Death Disclosure

So, sometimes I do dumb things. Sometimes I forget that I should sleep. Netflix can certainly be the enemy of sleep. I don't watch a lot of TV. I only "keep up" with one show, The Walking Dead. Well, Netflix has entire seasons at a time of shows. This is really bad for me as I have no self control if a show is good. I once watched all of Firefly, including the movie, Serenity, in two nights. Bad part is, I didn't start until around 10PM each night. Last night was one of those nights. 

I started watching American Horror Story. I got through the 7th episode. What a creepy, somewhat scary, fun show! Cool part is that (at least for now) it relates back to real estate! The family (whose last name happens to be Harmon) buys a house in California and the agent discloses a murder/suicide that occurred in the home. She conveniently leaves out the other countless deaths that have taken place in the home. In the show the buyers threaten to sue her and want her to re-list. In reality, it may be more complicated than that.

The house in American Horror Story

In the state of TN, sellers are NOT obligated to disclose deaths. In the state of California, deaths have to be disclosed if they occurred within the past 3 years, UNLESS that death was due to AIDS (because it is considered a disability). That said, neighbors talk (as they did in this show) and "infamous" deaths can certainly be an adverse fact affecting value. So, just because you don't have to disclose, buyers certainly would want you to. It can be a touchy subject for a real estate agent, especially the sellers' agent who wouldn't want to disclose anything they are not obligated to disclose if it runs the risk of killing the deal. 

My advice to home buyers, type the address into Google. Most articles site addresses. Also, if you are concerned about it, ask the neighbors. They always know. Plus, if it is a much older home (older than the 1950s), there is a decent chance that someone did die in the home. If it is a really old home (1800s), you can almost count on it. People died at home, not in a hospital. 

What do you think? If you bought a "haunted house" or one with many deaths in it, would you be creeped out? What about a suicide or murder? If you knew that before you bought, would you still buy? What if it was an "infamous" death, a "high profile" case?

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Condos and Parking

Happy Tuesday!

One week until Christmas Eve- I hope everyone has most of their shopping done!

Today I wanted to highlight some condo living in our area. One of the biggest differences in the condos is parking. Many condos assign one to two parking spaces, but sometimes you can find a great deal on a condo with its own attached garage. I have found a few in the Murfreesboro area with both assigned parking spaces and garages for you to compare! Take a look!

934 Shamam Xing 
Private attached garage 

2363 River Terrace Dr
2 Car Private garage

3156 Shaylin Crossing
2 Unassigned parking spaces

1002 Northfield Blvd, E
2 car Carport

As you can see- parking makes a dramatic difference in the asking price- not to mention location, location, location. Condos can be a great option if you want minimal upkeep but still want to own your home. 

Have a great week!

Taylore Massa

Thursday, December 12, 2013

I Don't Know Any Christians

We had a good conversation in the college class last night about the article I have attached here.

Here's the Article

The premise is that in North America, 20% of non-Christians don't even know a Christian. Take out Atheists and Agnostics and that 20% becomes 60%. In other words, most Atheists and Agnostics know Christians and thus they bring the average way down. This is an astonishing statistic.

One of the reasons provided in the article is immigration. The US is one of the top countries for Buddhist, Jewish, Hindu and Muslim immigrants. It is also the leading country for Christian immigrants. Immigrant populations (and native populations) tend to stick to themselves and thus don't get to know people of other nationality, let alone religion.

Another reason given, and the one I think is most relevant, is that there is a perception, albeit a much deserved perception, that Christians do not befriend people of another religion other than to try to convert them. Unfortunately this is all too true. I have friends in other religions and it is tempting to discuss religion and try to "win" the discussion instead of just trying to learn and relate.

Please understand, I am not preaching a "new tolerance" doctrine or making any statement about this religion is wrong or that one is right. This is, realistically, separate from religion itself. This is just being a good citizen and being interested in your neighbor. This is learning about the parts that make America great. If you happen to convert some souls in the process, congratulations (it wasn't you anyway, it was God).

My advice to my Christian friends lies in an analogy. I love eating food cooked in a crock pot. I don't particularly love microwave food. Think of friendships, relationships, religious experiences and ESPECIALLY a conversion process in the same way. Quit trying to microwave your relationships. If, and it is a big IF, you are going to convert someone that is another religion to your own, you have to first be their friend and build a relationship. Even then, if you go into the relationship with the stated purpose of conversion, you will never have the meaningful, lasting relationship that is just plain good for the soul. Try instead to put the relationship in the crockpot and let it simmer. Learn about each other, discuss similarities as well as differences. Be the melting pot. Let God work on the conversion if it is meant to be.

Be nice to others and seek out ways to learn about all the vast and rich cultures in our world.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Million Dollar Listings!

Happy Tuesday!

Check out these beautiful homes near you!

This first home features a backyard retreat,  gourmet kitchen, theatre room, imported hardwoods, walk-thru showers and so much more-- all in Murfreesboro! You have GOT to check it out!
3510 Oakleigh Cv
7 Bedrooms
6 Full/ 3 Half Baths
7 car garage

Click for full listing and more photos!
Listed by Jonathan Harmon, Weichert

This second home located in Arrington sits on almost 5 acres. Featuring gorgeous wood ceiling beams in the kitchen and living spaces, beautiful trim work, and amazing outdoor spa experience.
5536 Hawks Landing
4 Bedrooms
4 Full/ 2 Half Baths
3 car garage
Click for full listing and more photos!
Listed by Becca Hollis,

If you want to come home to a retreat everyday- either of these homes would be a dream come true!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Time Management

Time Management is always the hardest part of my day. I have a finite amount of time to do what seems like an infinite number of tasks. I delegate what I can but still have more stuff to do than I could possibly dream of completing. I have great help but sometimes it is hard for me to delegate because I feel like it takes longer for me to explain what I want than to just do it myself.

Part of the reason time management "feels" like more of a problem is that many times, the tasks that get put aside are the personal stuff--the time with family, the football game, cub scouts, family dinner, etc. One way I have "gotten better" at time management is to force those activities into the schedule and NOT put them aside. If that means I have to reschedule something else, then so be it. It feels better to shift business around family instead of the opposite. I also try to schedule things and try to schedule drive times. That can get tricky if I am meeting with a client because you never know if those meetings are going to run over. It does help if you don't schedule back to back client meetings, build in a buffer if at all possible.

One other HUGE drain on my time is my inbox. I know email is important but there is an efficient way to do it and an inefficient way. Contrary to popular belief, multi-tasking is typically NOT efficient. Trying to write this blog and simultaneously looking at every new email as it comes in, constantly shifting my focus around is detrimental to getting anything done. I have heard suggestions to plan email time. I haven't done it yet but I am strongly considering it.

What time management tricks have you heard? What works for you? What are your biggest drains?

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What's Available in Berkshire Subdivision

Happy Tuesday!

Today I wanted to do a search in the Berkshire subdivision located in Murfreesboro. This neighborhood features beautifully trimmed out homes with decorated models to walk through. It also has a community pool!  I wanted to see what is on the market in there for around the $300,000 price point- look at what I found!

5344 Saint Ives Drive
3,392 sq ft
Click for full listing 

1212 Stockwell Dr
2,722 sq ft
Click here for full listing 

1254 Timbercreek
2,900 sq ft
Click here for full listing 

Take a drive though the streets of this community one afternoon and you will fall in love!

Take Care,
Taylore Massa
Weichert Realtors, The Andrews Group