Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's Been a Long Time Since Last I Wrote (sang in tune to Led Zeppelin's Rock and Roll)

I just realized that the last time I blogged it was still 2010. Since then I have sold 4 houses, closed three of them and have several clients getting close to their perfect home. Its been a good start to the year in real estate!! Also, we got our kitchen functional. We are almost done but still lack the backsplash and some new paint. It looks awesome!!

On a completely different note, I have a great story for you. Last Tuesday I was out with some clients discussing new construction in Woodmont. The meeting went a little later than I expected.

Around 8 PM Cindy calls and says, "are you ever coming home?"

I tell her it may be a few more minutes and she is obviously frustrated with me. I finish up what I am doing and call her back (it was around 8:20). She says that she has prepared a special dinner for me.

So I get home and she sets a bowl of raw carrots on the table. I start munching (I love raw carrots). Then she sets a rack of ribs on the table (from Chili's). I think to myself, man, what a great meal. What have I done to deserve this!!!!

Then she sits down and says, "Ok, what is the theme?"
I say, "uhhhhh, foods I love?"
She says, "nope, try again."
"Uhhhhh, finger foods?" (I am so dumb)
She says, "BABY back ribs and BABY carrots."
I say, "WHOA, REALLY!!!"
She says, "yep."

I have the coolest wife and Jonas is going to be a big brother.