Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Alcohol + Craving Fireworks + Mud = Funny Story for me in my blog!

So, Saturday night I'm getting ready to shut down (about 11:30) and I hear tires spinning behind the tent. I step out and see this 2 wheel drive Chevrolet stuck in the mud right behind my tent. The driver's wife and friend (I learn the connections later) are outside trying to push this truck out of the mud. I, of course, being who I am, say, "Stuck?" They just kind of look at me. For about 5 minutes they push backward then forward trying to get it out. Finally the wife and friend get behind the truck and give one good push just as the driver hammers down on the gas and the mud flies all over the pushers but the truck gets unstuck. I did the best I could to stifle the laughter. I was not very successful. While they wheel into the parking lot I notice something very interesting, there are no tiremarks to the spot they were stuck, only ruts out. This means only one thing--THEY BACKED INTO THE MUD!!! I of course laugh even louder with this revelation. Anyway, I meet them in the tent and learn that the driver is named Joey and the wife is very drunk. They look around a lot. They pick out some stuff, including a MOAB. I get everything up at the register and the drunk wife is too drunk to make a decision. They left. Fastforward to Monday night and they show back up! I asked him if he washed his truck and he just laughed. I asked her if she layed off the Long Island Tea and she got embarassed. Anyway, they ended up buying the MOAB and all was well.

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