Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Catching My Breath!!

Wow!! It has been a flippin busy past few...uhh...however long.

In the past 2 weeks I got an offer and negotiated a contract on Sam and Candace's house. We should close mid-March. It was (is) an interesting transaction to say the least. We have parties involved that live in Boston, travel to Japan and are buying in Christiana. Quite a mix!! I picked up a listing in East Nashville, got an offer on it and am in the process of negotiating it. I picked up a listing in my neighborhood and have a coming soon sign in that yard. I am taking a new buyer out tomorrow and will hopefully find him a home quickly. All this and I am studying hard for a role in a play (more details in a minute), co-teaching a class at church, playing Mr. Mom, and have been working hard to win the Biggest Loser contest at work (which I did win, by the way--go me).

The Play--So, I am in this play, right. I have never acted (except acting up as a youth, I don't act up any more--see my halo?). I always wanted to but never took the time to work on it. I am in a group called Consider This Productions. It is quite a fun group. Barry Hardy is the "leader" of the group (when we let him). We are currently rehearsing "The Curious Savage." I play Titus Savage, Senator Titus Savage. Sherry Gastineau is my sister--Lily Belle Savage and Sam Channel is my brother, Samuel Savage. The three of us are real snots. We have our mother (Kim Chunn playing Ethel Savage) committed. Not that Kim shouldn't be committed, but we don't do it for the right reasons (when there are so many reasons to pick from!). Daniel Chunn, Nathan Chunn, Vanessa Maleare (sorry, I probably spelled that wrong), Nancy Wells, and Hannah Gastineau are all crazy people in the play (and outside the play). Danny Wells is the good doctor and Jessica Wells is the nurse that keeps things running. My character is a real blowhard. I yell and get angry a lot and really don't have a ton of substance to me. It will be very easy for the audience to dislike me. It will be even easier to dislike Sherry. Her character is a cross between Cruella Deville, Ms. Hannigan from Annie and Carol Burnette. Sam is just a limp noodle. We will be performing on March 11, 12, 13 and 18, 19, 20 (Thursdays through Saturdays) on the 15th floor of the NHC building in Murfreesboro (the lone skyscraper in the 'boro). I am really excited. Last night Barry complimented us on our facial expressions. Given the intimacy of this venue (the audience will be within about 2 feet of the actors), we will really be able to convey emotions and expressions. It should be awesome. I just hope I don't screw it up for everyone else!!

At church I am going through a survey of world religions. This past Sunday we looked at Bahai Faith. What an interesting religion! Basically, they believe that the God represented in the various major religions of the world is the same God and that all the various prophets (Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, etc.) are messengers from God and that the individual messages are revelations that get increasingly more sophisticated in order to reveal more about God each time. I don't agree with them, but I do find it quite a fascinating take on things. What do you think?

Oh yeah, and there have been the headaches, car repair place stealing my cable, getting in trouble at the post office, the stupid gym, and some others--but who likes to dwell on bads stuff when God is so good?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Name Change

Well, I changed the name today. It was a small, but significant change. I realized that my blog title did not fit. It was "Jonathan Harmon's (mostly) Real Estate Blog, when in fact, I rarely write about real estate. I think that blogging is a bit therapeutic for me. It allows me to write to an indeterminate number of people and just get stuff out there. I don't have a ton to complain about or anything, it just feels good to write sometimes. Since it is not really about real estate, I changed the (mostly) to (sometimes). It feels better.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Update to Gym Post

After reading my below gym post, read this one

Flex Gym in Smyrna, 6670 New Nashville Highway. 462-6593.

So this time I made what seemed like a pretty good offer to them. I asked them to change the 2 year contract to a one year contract. Monthly membership fee for a one year is $54.98 plus tax. Monthly membership for a 2 year is $44.98 plus tax. I offered them the difference for the months we already paid, plus the rest of what would be a one year contract all up front. Total came to $329 and some change. Would have completely satisfied the obligation for a 1 year contract and would have released us to go to a gym where they 1) didn't lie about the services they offered, 2) had some people skills, 3) had up to date equipment (none of which exist at Flex Gym). I typed up a nice spreadsheet explaining exactly what I was offering.

Doug, the owner calls me and says he would allow us to pay out the 2nd year in full and then convert our monthly payments to the monthly payments of a 1 year contract, effectively ADDING to our total payments. Are you KIDDING? Why would we pay you MORE for substandard services that we are trying to get away from? I told him no, of course. The thing is, he thinks that his contract ties us to only use Flex. I am contending that their product STINKS and I don't want to pay for it anymore.

Here are my gripes:
1) Cindy was promised certain classes, Yoga, Pilates, Cardio Kickboxing--they don't have any of these and haven't had them since September
2) Their machines are ancient. I like to use ellipticals. They have 3 with the arms that work. One of them is usually broken and the other two are not smooth operating. Plus, the position you stand on them is very uncomfortable on the back
3) They can just plain be rude. I don't expect 5 start hotel service, but at least say hi when you walk in or say bye when you leave. Even before all this mess, they were rude.
4) There are MUCH better gyms at cheaper prices in Smyrna. Even the Town Center is better!

I admit we signed the contract and therefore we are obligated, but most contracts have some kind of way out if the product does not pan out to be what you were promised! These people are totally unreasonable! I am so angry I could spit!

My next step is to contact the Consumer Affairs Division. They are the ones that have the Consumer Protection Act.

I wonder why this business does not see the value of having happy customers. I mean, I offered a reasonable way for both of us to end the relationship on good terms and not have to do all this mudslinging but they are unreasonable! I believe in the importance of contracts. I think our economic system is built on the enforceability of contracts. My job depends on contracts. But even in real estate, if the product does not fit the initial expectations (fails an inspection, etc.) you can get out of the contract.