Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dream Homes in Middle TN

Happy Tuesday!

Today I felt like doing a little dreaming and looking up some of the most dreamy (and most expensive) homes in Middle Tn...we can all dream right?? Look at these amazing homes!

1350 King Lane, Franklin  $19,900,000
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5205 Stillhouse Hollow Rd, Franklin  $19,000,000
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1358 Page Road, Nashville  $17,999,999
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625 Westview Ave, Nashville  $14,900,000
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AMAZING!!!!! Hope you enjoy!

Friday, February 21, 2014


Cindy is thinking of starting a business. Today we met with an old friend and a new friend that is a consultant of sorts. It was a very thought provoking conversation. Before we knew it, we had been talking for 2 hours. I get excited when I think about opening a business and doing something no one else is doing. It was exciting to me when I started selling real estate but not as exciting as the prospect of starting something NO one else is doing. 

Its weird but I get excited about that, really excited, giddy excited. My brain starts working overtime and I can't stop talking about it. It drives Cindy nuts because she is more of a silent thinker. She would rather mull it over and then discuss it. I mull it over by discussing it. I get an idea in my head and I just can't shut up. 

I guess I get excited because I like the challenge. I like to pioneer things. I want to take a dream and turn it to reality. Its addicting. It scares some people to death. I look at opportunities for entrepreneurship as challenges. I know we can do this, just what is the best way to do it. I talk a lot before I set a plan in motion. I talk myself into and out of plans constantly. Sometimes I talk longer than I should and miss the best opportunity to actually pull the trigger. 

How do you feel about striking out on your own? How do you reason through problems? What are some ways I could get better at not overwhelming Cindy with my method of working out problems?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Arrington Vs Franklin

Happy Tuesday!

Most people that live around Middle TN know about Arrington. It's a gorgeous town minutes from Franklin and Murfreesboro. It's a great option for people that want to "live in Franklin" but want a more spacious, out in the country feel. I did a search for a two different sets of criteria in both Franklin and Arrington-- check out the difference!

#1  Around $400k, 4 bedrooms, 1+ acre 

2120 Osburn Rd
4.65 acres
2098sq ft, 1331sq ft guest house

Click for listing 

1409 Sarah Anne Ct
1 acre
2,970 sq ft
Click for listing 

#2 Around 4,200 sq ft 5 bedrooms, 4 baths

4013 Kings Camp Pass
4,269 Sq ft

Click for listing

173 Rich Cr
5,029 sq ft
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Check back for next week's post--- Dream homes in Middle TN!!

Taylore Massa
Weichert Realtors, The Andrews Group

Friday, February 14, 2014


Lots of things in life require maintenance to stay healthy. Cars need their oil changed, house air conditioners need their filters changed, pools need chemicals and cleaning, etc. Sometimes maintenance can be simple, reoccurring fixes. Sometimes maintenance is a little bit bigger and a little more invasive. The point of proper maintenance is to avoid major breakdowns and expensive repairs or replacement.

Humans need maintenance too. In fact, humans need more maintenance than a lot of the other machines I mentioned (cars, houses, etc.). Maintenance activities for humans range from clipping toenails to annual physicals and dentist visits. You could also consider eating healthy food and exercise maintenance because it is purposeful and intended to make the machine work better. 

I perform maintenance on myself in my job. I take classes to brush up on certain skills. Every year TAR releases new, updated documents and I spend time learning the differences. These are the processes necessary to maintain the professional level of service I provide my clients. 

Sometimes our relationships need maintenance. This area seems to be the most difficult for people to recognize. If you have an argument with your friend and can't seem to work it out on your own, the "machine" that is your relationship will break down. So what do you do? Seek help or do something purposeful to maintain that relationship. Maybe your version of maintenance for that friendship is for the two parties to go to a social event together. Maybe it is to do some physical activity together (hiking, swimming, etc.). Maybe you build something together. I don't know but you have to recognize what makes that relationship special and worthwhile and do that activity. 

Marriages are no different, just closer relationships. Its ok to seek help in maintaining your marriage. Sometimes you just can't keep it together without some purposeful, and sometimes assisted, maintenance. Its ok to go to marriage counseling. Its ok to hire a sitter and purposely have a date night. Its ok to set aside time to discuss a long brewing unpleasantness. So many people are reluctant to seek assistance and instead let the marriage breakdown. If it was worth doing to begin with, its worth working to keep it together. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Berkshire Subdivision

Happy Tuesday!

I wanted to focus on a beautiful neighborhood in Murfreesboro today-  Berkshire. This subdivision features gorgeous homes, nice size lots, 2 community pools, cabanas, playground, and a basketball court! Check out what's available....

5423 Sherrington Rd
4,139 sq ft
Click for listing

1212 Stockwell Drive
2,722 sq ft
Click for listing 

5334 Middlebury Dr
2,556 sq ft
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Taylore Massa
Weichert Realtors, The Andrews Group

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sale Prep

Ok, here's a quick list of things to do when prepping to sell. I will pretty much always tell you to do these things so go ahead and do them if you are going to call me!!

1) Take down the wallpaper--all of it--almost always. There are very, very rare occasions I would say to keep it. Very rare.

2) Panelling--Specifically talking about the thin plywood panelling that looks like wood--75% of people hate panelling, 20% will tolerate it and 5% like it.  The real pine tongue and grove stuff is a bit different, but only a bit. Consider painting or just plain removing and drywalling.

3) De-personalize--this is more than just taking down pictures. Return your home to a point where it looks more like a model home. That said, in a Pinterest world, a little bit of creativity is ok. The thing is, if you have somehow integrated something into the home (attached it to the walls), that buyer may ask you to leave it!! I had a client one time that had a very special mantle piece made from her granddad's barn and did not want to leave it. My advice was go ahead and take it down and replace it. I've seen the same with specific light fixtures. Don't let something sentimental like that ruin a sale.

4) Flooring--Carpet is cheap. If yours is stained or smelly, have it replaced. It will make a HUGE difference. If you have animals and have it replaced, try REALLY hard not to let the animals back on it.

5) Consider the kitchen--Number 1 money room in the home--will absolutely make or break a sale. Let's talk about this one.

6) Outdoor spaces--huge for people right now. Got a deck or patio, don't forget to dress it up.

7) Go ahead and make a list of things you love about your house--why did you buy it? Help me help you!!

8) Clean out your closets!!!! Make a few Goodwill trips, pack away the stuff that is out of season (cautiously in TN!), get your shoes off the floor, throw away old shoe boxes! Make these spaces feel spacious!

9) Be prepared to keep it clean and show ready. I know this sounds dumb but it is so important. Change the filters regularly, make your beds, open blinds, put your undies in the hamper. Make these habits so that last minute showings can be accommodated.

These are just a few suggestions to get started. Taylore and I can help with your specific situation when the time comes. If you are thinking about spending money to prepare to sell, lets put the numbers together first to see if that is a wise decision. Sometimes you will do more than you really need to!!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

$400k Homes in Murfreesboro

Happy Tuesday!

Today I wanted to a search for those that are ready to upgrade their home! I did a search on homes in Murfreesboro for around $400,000....look at what I found!

1105 Muiwood Dr
3,741 Sq ft
Built 2009

Click for full listing

2831 Craythorne Dr
3,708 Sq ft
Built 2013

Click here for full listing

717 Warrior Dr
3,039 Sq ft   (1.4 acres)
Built 1981 (Renovated)

Click for listing

All of these homes are gorgeous and so unique....is it time to upgrade yet????

Taylore Massa
Weichert Realtors