Thursday, June 17, 2010


Wow--hard to believe it is already the middle of June! It has been a crazy month so far--lots of stuff going on.

The month started with a Memorial Day trip to Indianapolis for the 500. That was an awesome time. I really enjoy the time I get to spend with that crew. Tammy's sister and brother in law open up their home for a bunch of crazy folks and show the utmost in hospitality. The race was as usual, hot and loud. You might have seen the terrible wreck at the very end. We were just down the straightaway from it. Crazy.

The next weekend (3 days later actually) a bunch of us went to Pigeon Forge. That was a lot of fun as well as Jonas, Cindy and I got to spend some time with Aunt Greta and Cousin Mandy. We don't get to see them too often so that was really cool. We stayed in an awesome cabin in Sherwood Forest. We went to Dollywood for the first time. It reminded me so much of Opryland. I was sad.

We put our house on the market the day before the trip to Pigeon Forge and have already had 5 showings. That is quite encouraging. Cindy and I found a home in the middle of town we like. It would require some renovation but I think it would be worth it. Activity has also picked up on my other listings. It looks like we are slowly climbing out of this "slump." On that note, I figured out a few things related to my listings. I figured out that the general public can only see hyperlinks that are attached. This presented a problem because I had the "Top 10 Reasons We Love This House" and the lender estimates from Tammy attached to my listings and only Realtors could see them! Though I love letting the Realtors see this info, it is really meant for the public searching on Realtracs. Well, I figured out a way around that! If you want to see it, you will have to check out one of my listings or check out my website I also figured out how to get the voice narration feature to work on v-flyer. For whatever reason, it does not work with my computer/cell phone combination. I ended up recording it all at my parents' house.

Other things occupying my time:
Child Care-- Cindy and I have been trying to figure out a way to save some money on child care. I know we have a pretty good deal anyway but I kind of want to keep Jonas a day or so a week. The problem is that it won't necessarily be the SAME day each week. Hard for the babysitter to plan. Any suggestions would be great.

Coupons--Cindy has resolved to become a coupon queen. She is doing a great job so far. I like it because she is fired up about it and wants me to stay out of the way--no problem! She actually gets upset if she doesn't save enough (apparently less than 35% is shameful!).

College ministry--it is really getting good. Rick and I are starting to really develop our friendship and partnership in the ministry. We have been focused on getting our own accountability group started. We almost have a habit as we've met 2 weeks in a row!

Consider This--Many of you know about Consider This Productions. It is a drama group made up (mostly) of Christians from Smyrna coC. In the past few months I was in the play The Curious Savage and they also put on And Then There Were None. Well, also in the past few months, we have experienced an EXCITING development. We are poised to have our own location--theater, dressing room, etc. Over the past few months I have been helping Barry develop the business plan and run through the numbers to see if it is really feasible. In the meantime, a very generous and influential man in Mufreesboro has seemingly adopted the group. If all goes as it seems it might, we will have a location by January. The daunting task now is to raise the funds necessary to make it a reality. Soooo, we are looking for charter members and benefactors. If you know anyone that might be interested--even if it is just a little--have them contact me. Also, if you know anyone that wants to act or otherwise be involved in the theater (set design, costuming, make up, tech stuff, etc.) have them contact me. If this works out, we will have such a cool place to have plays, talent shows, concerts, classes and all kinds of other cool stuff.

Finally, my first venture into selling fireworks begins tomorrow with us setting up the tent. We will put the explosives in the tent on Sunday and be open for business on Monday. If you want some small, personal explosives, be sure to check us out. I promise to give you a good deal (and some free stuff!). Our tent is on Almaville Road right next to I-24. It is a Fireworks Supermarket tent. I am excited about it. I think I have a good crew helping out and will have a lot of fun. Come check it out.

Well, I am off to make some teriyaki chicken with Omni Hut sauce (YUMMMMMMM).

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