Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bad Day

I had a bad day yesterday. I had a contract fall through, a listing not come to fruition and another contract hit some pretty major roadblocks (that are still not worked out). That is not the kind of day that gets me excited to be awake in the morning.

Perspective, however is a very powerful tool. My friend Rob has a way of putting things in perspective. He says things like "yeah but you're still breathing and your kids aren't hungry." How true. I could always have a worse day. Thank God for the good stuff before you gripe too much about the bad stuff. Sometimes the bad stuff helps us see how good the good stuff really is. I have 2 healthy children, a wife that loves me, a nice house, working vehicles, a fantastic family, a (mostly) awesome church family and I live in the greatest country in the world (despite its many and obvious flaws). I have the right to feel beat up after a bad day. I have the right to complain about a bad day (you have the right NOT to listen). I don't think I have the right to feel too down about it though because when I gain perspective, I realize I am a very blessed individual.


Ashley said...

Have you ever been around a negative nancy too long and it puts you in such a bad mood. Your perspective affects more than just you.

Jonathan said...

So true!! I try not to let my bad mood out too much but sometimes it just happens. Good comment!

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