Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Isn't it funny sometimes how people get so excited about the past? My son was on Netflix the other day and I saw the OLD Transformers cartoon on there. I believe I let out a little squeal of delight and insisted he watch that. He only made it through an episode and a half before he said, "Dad, the characters look funny." Then he followed up with "What's that thing?" He pointed to the cassette that popped out of Soundwave's chest. Wow.

Today I was on Facebook and saw that Self, a band from Murfreesboro that I was a HUGE fan of, is playing a "reunion" show in December. I, of course, immediately bought tickets. While purchasing the tickets, I remembered seeing them at Mainstreet a couple of times and anxiously anticipating their second album and all that. It also brought up general memories of high school. Oddly enough, only good memories.

Why do we get so nostalgic? Is it that we gloss over the painful, uncomfortable parts of our own history and only choose to remember the good stuff? Then we want to escape back to a time when life was "simpler"?

Like many of you, I am thankful for my own history. I had a LOT of good stuff happen in my previous 33 years. I also had my fair share of bad stuff. ALL of it shaped who I am right now. I do get nostalgic when some songs come on the radio or I see some old toy. I think it is healthy. It keeps us connected to our own history and thus, our own identity. Embrace nostalgia but don't live in it. The past made you you and you are pretty cool. Even if your kids don't think so. Happy Thanksgiving. Hug the people you love.

What are some things you get nostalgic about? Give specific examples so we can all join in the trip down memory lane.


Rachel Cox said...

I have been listening to Christmas Music lately and realized that I just don't like the new songs as much as the ones I remember from my childhood. Just something about the old school I love. To age myself even further than the cassette tape... I remember jumping around the living room at Christmas and the record skipping. Loved Loved Loved Jingle Bell Rock!!

Susan Harmon said...

I have a trunk that is full of clothes from when you and your brother where little. Opening that trunk makes me nostalgic. Part of it is the simpler life thing. Part of it is the if they (you boys) are getting older then so am I and all the people I have always counted on in my life (my mom, my Aunt Fern). So not only are a lot of good things done but a lot of good things will be ending soon.

Bobby Waldron said...

I remember when we went and saw Self, Fluid Oz, and the Katies at dancing in the District. Gosh the fun we had as youngsters.

Jonathan said...

That was a lot of fun! Was that the night the thermal plant burned?

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