Wednesday, November 7, 2012


It's finally over. It is a relief that the election is done and we can move forward without all the ads for at least a little while. That said, it is somewhat alarming just how split this election was. We are truly a divided nation. How can the government do any kind of reform with this wide of a gap? How can anything be accomplished with such a polarized populace?

I congratulate Obama on the win but he is not the guy to unite the country in order to make true and lasting change. Neither was Romney and neither was Gary Johnson or Ron Paul (lots of my friends are Paulies). I actually think all four of those folks had at least something worthwhile to say but they don't have whatever it is that will bring patriots on opposite sides of the aisle together. How do we get that person? Do we need that person or do we, as the people, need to do it in spite of the politicians?

Ponder this question as we go through the next four years and witness stalling, blocking and shenanigans out of both the president and the congress. When will we demand that our leaders focus on the real problems and make real changes that will actually help our country become strong again? How far in debt and decay will the country have to get before it finds "rock bottom" and is motivated to start recovering from its selfish addictions? How long will it take YOU to put aside partisan loyalties, inform yourself and actually participate meaningfully?


Daniel said...

In my opinion, the answer does not begin with changing politics. It begins with changing myself, my family, and my immediate community.

What am I doing to affect these things? Not nearly enough. To answer your question as to "how long"... I've started. Now to start building momentum.

Anonymous said...

As long as we continue to put back into Washington, DC the same people that have refused to do the job of running our country as a business then as the saying goes...If nothing changes then nothing changes. And its our own fault. We have the power of the vote. Politicians on all levels are supposed to represent the people they serve. Personally I don't think being a politician should be a career. Our country needs strong people not afraid of making the changes necessary to revive our nation.

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