Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What to do, what to do...

I have so much buzzing around in my head to write about tonight. I normally try to do my blog in the morning on Wednesday. It was not feasible to do that today so I am trying to write it now. Problem is, my head is clouded with so much info that I want to write about that I can't focus on one thing.

Big topic is the whole Chick Fil A thing. Here is my take, this whole debacle has done absolutely NOTHING to actually further anyone's agenda and has definitely not done anything to further God's kingdom. The end.

Primary elections are tomorrow. I know who I am voting for and who I am definitely NOT voting for. I hope you do as well.

Led a discussion in college class tonight about social media and if it is a useful tool in evangelism. Interesting topic. We ended the discussion with basically the idea that the Bible teaches about how to use social media--Do everything in love. 1 Cor. 16:14.  Also posed the question--Is it Biblical to "stand up for your Christian rights"? Would Jesus have encouraged us to fight for our "rights as Christians"?

Real estate is still going strong for me. I am on track to close 30+transactions this year. God is good.

Also, the realization that my son is 5 and going to kindergarten is very, very real. I HAVE to embrace this time as it is slipping away very, very quickly. Guilt is pressing on me so much right now. I just want him to look back when he is 20 and say, "man, my dad was a hard worker but he always had time for me." I want my actions to communicate to my children just how precious they really are. It is very hard to balance time with them, with Cindy and with my clients.

That about sums it up. Oh yeah, and glad I didn't buy Facebook stock. Good night.


Joseph said...

You made a great teacher, and since teaching is such an integral part of parenting, I think you're probably doing just fine!

burnsey said...

I think that a christian's actions should speak louder than words. Actions meaning all those things that Jesus said to do. Feed the hungry, visit the sick and those in prison.
What you said is the key. Are my actions further expanding God's kingdom? Not a church building, not necesarily the church, definitly not a physical or political kingdom.

Daniel said...

Last night I had an impressive rant about the whole CFA situation... calling out both sides. In a very brief summary... opposition of CFA needs to chill... supporters need to be more educated about the civil right to Freedom of Speech... and everyone needs to f'n calm down.

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