Thursday, June 12, 2014

Follow Up

Follow up is probably one of the most difficult things for people in a service oriented industry. We get busy following leads and forget to go back to the prospects that aren't making a lot of noise. Those prospects, however, are the future clients. I know it is hard to remember to keep in touch and incubate all those leads. I certainly don't have a great system for it. I wish I did.

It is also hard to remember to follow up on all the things you say you will do or "get around to".  If you are like me you have an infinite list of things you want to do, maybe chores or projects around the house, maybe trips you want to take, maybe things you want to tell people, who knows. If you are like me, you also forget about more of these things than you actually accomplish. It is frustrating, you know.

Please share some tips and tricks you use to keep up with all your follow up and your ever expanding to do list.

PS--one bit of follow up, the situation I wrote about last week--resolved--mutually beneficial. Thanks for the prayers if you offered them up for me and my clients.

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