Thursday, August 29, 2013

MTSU Football

Absurd. That is the best word for a truly objective observation of sports fanatics. It is absurd to get worked up over a group of guys smashing into each other for the sake of moving a little ball down a field. It is especially absurd when you throw in the fact that you have not met them, will probably not ever meet them and usually have no desire to meet them. It is even more especially absurd when you factor in huge salaries, monumental stadiums, large fortunes spent on merchandise and all the tremendous pomp and circumstance that truly does sometimes cross into worship and adoration. I know it is all absurd. I am aware of this absurdity. Yet I still love MTSU football. 

I am an alumnus of the university. I know that, right or wrong, football and other sports bring prestige to my alma mater. Prestige brings value to my degree. Perhaps it is "wrong" that this happens, but it does not change that fact that it does happen. In addition, I like football. I like the chess match that plays out. I like the drama. I like the violence. I like the skill. It is, to me, a modern gladiator match. The overall game is so very simple--move a ball across a line--but at the same time it is incredibly complex. 

Football brings out camaraderie. The emotions of many rise and fall with the performance of the team. If they do well, you have thousands of people celebrating. If they do poorly, you have thousands of people down. Either way, they do so together. I know this is strange to some but I love it. I like being part of a community that exists for a completely superficial reason. Maybe I'm living vicariously through the team, players and coaches. Probably so. Thats fine with me. I'm fine with a little absurdity in a world full of extreme reality. 

Go Blue Raiders!!

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