Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Great Idea

At yesterday's sales meeting we came up with a great idea that every one of you needs to do. Get a flash drive and mark it "sales pictures." Then, over the next year or so, take pictures of cool stuff about your house.
  • In the spring, take pictures of everything in bloom
  • In the winter, take a snowy picture
  • In the fall, take pictures of the kids playing in the leaves (just take it so you can't really see their faces)
  • If your neighborhood has a cookout, take a picture of the party
  • If you and your neighbors get together on 4th of July and shoot fireworks together, get pictures of that
  • If one window in your house has an amazing view of the sunset, take some pictures of that
  • If your back deck is perfect for entertaining and you have a party, take a picture of the party
  • If your neighbors do up the lights for Christmas, take some of those pictures
Whatever is unique about your home and the way you live in it, take pictures. Put them on that flash drive and save it till you are ready to list. Those pictures are marketing GOLD. A good Realtor will integrate them into the marketing in order to not only sell the house itself but to sell the way the house is a HOME. It won't take you long, just don't lose the flash drive!! If you don't think you will ever sell the house, do it anyway. EVERY home will eventually be sold.

If you want to chat about selling your home or just get a check up on value, let me know.

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The Wife said...

I Love this idea! Will Start telling people i hear talking about selling their house!

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