Thursday, July 10, 2014


Last week Cindy and the kids and I went to Canada with another family from church and 6 college kids. We went up to a lovely place called Vineland, Ontario to help some other friends of ours with their church's VBS (they call it Bible Day Camp). It was a fantastic trip. I was able to unplug from work a bit (I only worked about 10 hours last week instead of my normal 70-80).

One thing that happened though, that I did not expect, was the difficulty I had staying connected. I knew that my cell carrier would charge extra for service but I did not expect to have a tough time getting to a WiFi hotspot that was reliable. The dorm we stayed in did not have it. The church we spent a lot of time at had WiFi but it was SLOW. There was one cafe that had a reliable connection but we could only get there super early in the morning or later at night. I am used to being connected constantly. When I first realized the situation, I was pretty freaked out--"What am I going to do? The world is going to melt down!! All my clients are going to fire me!!"

Then I took a deep breath and realized Taylore is competent and will be able to handle most things. Not to mention that a lot of the "emergencies" in my life can wait a few hours. I started to calm down. Then I started to have fun. It was so relieving to unplug and disconnect for a while.

After getting back home, I realized just how important it is to do that from time to time. Part of the problem is ego, I had to realize that I am not important enough that people would miss me during a 24 hour stint. Another part is that I started telling people about it a few weeks before so the expectation was set that I may not be overly reachable. Finally, I had someone to back me up (thanks Taylore). It was a healthy reminder for me and was very good for me to exercise letting go for a week. I really need to do it more often. If you are in a high stress, high demand job, I highly encourage you to unplug, disconnect from time to time. It's good for the soul.

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