Thursday, October 17, 2013


What are you doing to leave a legacy? Have you even thought about it?

Are you diligent and disciplined with your finances so you will leave your kids an inheritance that will change your entire family tree (as Dave Ramsey talks about)?

Are you a hard worker that is leaving your children a legacy of work ethic and not settling for good enough?

Are you a philanthropist that is leaving a legacy of community service and good deeds for the community to remember?

Are you an excellent friend that is leaving a legacy of warm memories with your best friends?

Are you someone that leads by example in all that you do so that people will remember you having strength of character?

Do you face adversity in such a way that someone will remember you as a strong, principled individual?

Are you leaving a very public, widespread legacy or a quiet legacy for just a few, fortunate people?

I don't know yet what my legacy will be. I am not done working. I hope that I will leave a legacy of laughter, kindness, a servant's heart and an unwillingness to settle for good enough. I hope my kids learn work ethic and humbleness. I know I can be full of myself but I do not look down on people in a "lower" state than I am in. I try to treat everyone as a valuable human being with his or her own faults, strengths, dreams and possibilities. I don't dwell on what my legacy will be. I do, however, think about it for a moment. Sometimes it is a gut check as I see my son seeing me. Sometimes I have pride in what he sees.

Think about it. You don't have to lose sleep over it, just make sure whatever you do, you do it on purpose.

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Daniel said...

The legacy I hope to leave is my children. This may sound a bit cliche; however, I really mean it. There's too much work to be done on this earth. So, I'm trying to raise my daughters to be contributing members of community. I want t hem to be healthy, strong, and supportive of their friends, family, and community.

If I can raise these girls up to be respectable women, then my legacy will have been a successful one.

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