Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Wife

I love my wife. If you have not met her, you should. She is smart, funny, beautiful and a great complement to me. She tries really hard to be the glue for this family. She takes care of the kids, cooks, cleans, puts out signs for me, holds open houses (she is also a licensed agent) and does countless other random tasks. At the same time she is a friend to several other ladies at Church.

How does she complement me? She thinks about people more than I do. I get tasks done and try to do them efficiently. She tries to do them without alienating people. That frequently doesn't cross my mind. I think about others only when I stop moving. She thinks about others all the time. She also has a great memory and I don't. She remembers birthdays and conversations and things like that. I have to keep it written down. I love being in the middle of people, she does not. She prefers the company of one person at a time. Because of this, she makes deeper friendships where I make acquaintances (I am jealous of that by the way).

Is my wife perfect, no way. She gets too emotional and she loses stuff all the time. BUT, she is perfect for me. She knows my quirkiness and still loves me. She tries to help balance me out and does a pretty good job. If you haven't met my wife, you should. She is everything to me.


Ashley said...

Truth! She is a great friend to me and I agree, y'all are great complements to each other

Taylore said...

Love this.

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