Thursday, June 6, 2013

Asking for Referrals

So I am doing this job coaching thing. I have a guy that I speak with every other week coaching me to be better, basically, at life. We are talking about being better at making family time, better at being involved in stuff, better at my job, better at prospecting, etc. This past weeks conversation centered on referrals. As you know, I am a Realtor. A key component of my job is building relationships. Combine relationships with a job well done, you get happy clients. Happy clients should lead to referral business.

Unfortunately its not that simple. I do a good job for my clients, they are happy and they never send me referrals. Its not because they don't think I did a good job. Usually, its because they don't think about referring business my way. They are talking to a friend and the friend says, "We are having another baby! I think our house is getting too small!" My former client doesn't connect the dots and say, "you should call Jonathan." It's not anyone's fault and I am not mad about it. I am aware of it. So how do I get people to not only be happy with the service I provide but to also send their friends my way? Good service isn't enough. Happy clients aren't enough. My coach thinks I should ask for the referral. I should call all my former clients and ask for it. I should ask for it at closing. ("did I do a great job", "Yes", "Awesome, who else do you know that might be buying or selling soon.") I don't do that. I told him I feel weird doing it, almost too much like a salesman. If I don't ask for it though, I might not get it. Not that they would necessarily send someone somewhere else, they just might not send their friend anywhere--including to me.

What are your thoughts? How should I ask for the referral? How do I get more referrals without being "that guy."


Bobby Waldron said...
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Tonya Ingram said...

if you know your client is good at what they do, offer to do the same for them. "Hey, thanks for trusting me with helping you find the perfect home for your wonderful family. if you know of anyone else looking to buy or sell, please send them my way! I'm so glad to have gotten to know you, because now when someone says they are looking for a good mechanic (or whatever) I will be able to refer them to you!". Or, if your company allows it, referral thank you gifts, like maybe giftcards to stores or restaurants. That way you are still asking, but there's something in it for them, too. Most people are extrensicly motivated, so "dangling the carrot" often gets them moving in the direction you want.

Tonya Ingram said...
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