Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Courtesy and Common Decency

So my wife got this new dress. It is quite a pretty dress and she looks very good in it. Problem is that it doesn't fit perfectly in the top area. She didn't realize this fact until she was already at work yesterday. Movement was difficult as she tried to retain her modesty. Not that it was inappropriate or somehow trashy, she's just fairly conservative and it showed a bit more than she wanted to show. A little alteration work on it and it will be fine--very flattering. Oh yeah and she works as a banker. So, while working yesterday she had not one but 4 different guys make at least somewhat inappropriate comments to her about the dress!! One even went so far as to peer over the desk to try to get a better look. That same guy called today to follow up on a bank issue and asked her what she was wearing today!!! If it were a coworker, it would have absolutely crossed into the sexual harassment arena.

My question is this, what in the world would make a guy think it is ok to make comments like that in a professional environment? Does the guy think he is going to get her number by creeping her out? Is it because he is a customer and not a coworker that he thinks he can get away with it?

Guys, show some class. Even if you are looking, keep your comments to yourself. Don't help speed the decay of the moral fabric of our country--and quit hitting on my wife!

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