Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Stress-- Promotes Growth or Kills It?

So this is a post asking for your opinion and discussion. For you, does stress promote personal growth or kill it?

I know it can vary from person to person and I know it depends on the source of the stress (is it a terrible boss or just the demands of the job) but in general, what is your reaction to stressors?

For me, in general, stress makes me grow and learn. If there is a particular source of stress that I can cut--I cut it. If there is a source of stress that I cannot cut, I learn how to adapt around it and try to either accept it and make the most of it or figure out a way to minimize the stress it produces. There are times when stress can become almost debilitating. I can relate to times when stress becomes so overwhelming the motivation to act is greatly diminished. Typically in those situations, I just "suck it up" and push through.

I don't really have a magic formula for dealing with stress. If it gets to be very strong I might go outside for a few minutes or might hide for a few minutes just to collect my thoughts but, in general, I just push through it. I would love to hear some actual tricks for "dealing" with stress better. What are your tried and true methods for coping with job stress, kid stress, life stress or any other type?


Daniel said...

It's no secret that I don't manage stress well. Under pressure, on the other hand, I think I do well... and I think there's a difference between stress and pressure.

In either case (stress or pressure), I consider options that might prevent the situation from being repeated. Doing this is one way I deal with it. I learn from the situation and am better prepared for future events.

Jonathan said...

Great point that there is a difference in stress and pressure. I agree. That said, some people will naturally turn pressure into stress automatically.

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