Friday, September 17, 2010

Social Media

It has been a while since I last posted. I promised myself when I started the blog that I would be diligent. Well, I guess I lied to myself. Bad Harmon!!! Anyway, today we had our annual Weichert Sales Rally. It was really cool. I rode to Huntsville with two very cool people, Jessica Harrison and Tony Torres. I truly am blessed to have such cool colleagues at my office. We had great conversation the whole car trip there and back.

So the focus of the sales rally seemed to be on use of technology and social media. It got me thinking--from a non-realtor perspective, how effective is social media as part of a marketing strategy? In other words, when you see me post a new listing on my Facebook, what is your knee jerk response? Where is the line between posting things about my business as part of my life and posting things about my business as just part of my business? I never want to be the guy that people can't stand because all I talk about is business. I want my business to just be a natural part of my life and I NEVER want to be "that guy" that is always trying to sell something. So, if all this rambling makes sense to you, I would love to read your thoughts. What is good and proper use of social media for business, rate me on my use of social media, and just generally weigh in on the topic.


volfangary said...

A couple times a month doesn't bother me but when some people do it weekly I usually unfriend them.

Anonymous said...

I use social media a lot, including Twitter and Facebook primarily. I try to center most of my business related stuff on my FB business page, and my Twitter is mostly business with a little personal stuff mixed in. I do occasionally post stuff about my business on my personal FB page, but only if I feel it is relevant to my friends. I don't have a tough time keeping them separate, but our businesses are pretty different...

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